Piano Sales

What’s included with all our pianos

Every piano we offer to the public includes a package of services that you’ll need.

They are: A matching bench, professional delivery, tuning in your home upon delivery, a ten year warranty on all parts and labor, and full trade in value indefinitely.

This last item – the full trade in indefinitely – benefits folks who don’t want to invest in a professional level piano, the first time out. You get to use your first purchase as your full down-payment, if you need a better piano in the future.

Why buy from us

The short answer is, your trusting that Paul Simone’s years as a piano tech, tuner, re-builder, mover and retail store owner, will benefit you.

There are so many ways to buy a piano today. You can get it from a friend, neighbor, craiglist.com ad, ebay.com ad, local schools and churches. When you begin to add up all the costs associated with a private purchase, you come up with an average of 500.00 above the cash price. You still don’t have a 10 year warranty and most pianos that aren’t re-conditioned, will need a minimum of 500.00 in standard repairs over a ten year period.

Accurate information

When you’re trying to make an expensive decision about something that you aren’t an expert in, you need accurate information. That’s the great thing about the internet. It’s there and it’s relatively easy to find. Our most important goal, after treating people with respect, is giving them accurate information.


All of our pianos must pass a thorough, 24 point inspection before we accept it.

More quality

All pianos must pass our rigorous 52 point inspection before it is delivered to our customers.


We offer a 10 year warranty on ALL parts and labor.


We were founded in 1983 and have been at it ever since.


We raised families doing what we do and for better or worse, it’s all we know how to do…and we love it.

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