Pianos for sale

Here is some of our inventory. We have many more pianos than we have pictured, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know.

We do not sell “as is” instruments. Everything is reconditioned in our shop and includes: A ten year warranty on all parts and labor, delivery, an on site tuning upon delivery, matching bench and full trade in value indefinitely. There are no extra or hidden costs. (except NJ sales tax for sales in NJ)

Yamaha U3 Full Upright Piano


Yamaha U1 Studio Upright


Kawaii Digital Grand


Steinway Grand Model S


Steinway Grand Model M


Sohmer Console Upright


Wurlitzer Console Upright


Wurlizter Studio Upright


Weber Upright


Story & Clark Spinet Upright


Steinway Console


Samick Console Upright


Lauter-Humana Upright


Knabe Upright


Kimball Console Upright


Hardman Console Upright


Kimball Mahogany Spinet


Kohler & Campbell Console Upright


Steinway Full Upright


Kroeger baby grand


Kimball console piano

JS Hamburg spinet

JS Hamburg spinet


Steinway - Model M, Chippendale

Steinway – Model M, Chippendale

Chickering - Baby Grand

Chickering – Artcase