Maintaining your piano

So you’ve just become the proud owner of a beautiful, new piano. The key now is to keep it looking, playing, and sounding up to your high standards. A piano can stay with a family for generations if it is continuously and properly maintained. When it comes to tuning, you know who to go to. We’ll make sure that your piano sounds the way it should. What many people don’t know is that there are steps that you can take to keep your piano in great shape without having to send it to a company like us for upkeep.

1. Humidity Control
One of the most important ways to keep your piano working right is to watch and control the humidity levels in your house (especially the room with the piano). The key to making the humidity piano-friendly is to level the balance between humid/dry and hot/cold. You don’t want your piano room to be on the extreme of either condition. It’s important to try to keep your piano away from open windows, heating vents, and fireplaces. If you want to go above and beyond, there are humidity regulating devices that can be installed in a piano.

2. Cleaning
When it comes to cleaning, the first thing to keep in mind is that pianos tend to lose their color due to over-exposure to sunlight. Try to keep your piano out of direct sunlight or put a cover on it during the daytime. When it comes to dusting the piano, your procedure is pretty standard. Any regular dusting cloth will do the trick. For the keys, a cleaner like Windex works just fine. Just be sure to spray the cloth, not the keys. You don’t want to get too much liquid trapped in between the cracks of the key-bed.

3. Finding the right Technician.
Sometimes things are out of your control, and you get a problem with your piano that no number of Youtube videos can help you solve. Time to call in the cavalry. 908-303-9520