Expert Piano Refinishing

Whether it’s a tiny scratch from your belt or a marker mural from your two year-old, your piano is liable to take some abuse over the years. When it comes to refinishing pianos, we are the people to go to. We have an entire workshop in the back of our showroom where we dedicate our time to giving ugly pianos make-overs. Small repairs like nicks, scratches, and stains are second nature to us.

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We specialize in all types of refinishing and reconditioning. We have our own spray room on site just in case you ever want to give your piano a new personality. If you’re interested in giving it a look for yourself, check out this video. It’s pretty much a tour of the whole building.

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  1. Wow! You guys are really amazing, I have a piano who needs refinishing. Hope you will do it in a proper way!