Cleaning Your Piano

As the proud owner of a piano, the most important thing you need to do is maintain it. ┬áMaintaining your piano can relate to controlling the humidity in the room that you’re keeping it, tuning the piano, or even just … Continue reading

John A. Paulson decides to buy Steinway Musical Instruments

Steinways are currently and historically some of the best pianos on the market. ┬áRecently the company that makes Steinway pianos, Steinway Musical Instruments was sold to John A Paulson of the Hedge fund for 512┬ámillion dollars. Here’s a link to … Continue reading

Expert Piano Refinishing

Whether it’s a tiny scratch from your belt or a marker mural from your two year-old, your piano is liable to take some abuse over the years. When it comes to refinishing pianos, we are the people to go to. … Continue reading

Maintaining your piano

So you’ve just become the proud owner of a beautiful, new piano. The key now is to keep it looking, playing, and sounding up to your high standards. A piano can stay with a family for generations if it is … Continue reading

Ivory ban update

Recently, the USFWS is planning on putting tighter restrictions on the sale of ivory. This link will provide anybody who is curious with all the details. USFWS Ivory Ban Q&A We have mentioned this ivory ban in the piano news … Continue reading

Piano Jokes

Forgive the cornyness. I’m no George Carlin. Why was the pianist banging his head against the keys? -He was trying to play by ear. What do you get when you drop a piano on an Army base? -A flat major … Continue reading

Piano tuning

Vienna piano has been a part of the piano communitry for 32 years. We’ve tuned just about every kind of piano you could possibly imagine. We’ve even tried to tune electric keyboards, but we just got electrocuted (just kidding). You … Continue reading

Piano Repair-Steinway Model L

Today, we are working on another piano that was damaged by super-storm Sandy. This one is a Steinway Model L with some pretty extensive damage. Here are some pictures of how the piano looks right now. We will continue to … Continue reading

Professional at a Public Piano

I was browsing Reddit, and I found this gem. Enjoy!

Piano Sales

So you’ve been playing piano for years, but you’ve never actually owned your own piano. Maybe it’s time to take that next step on the path to piano happiness. Why not let Vienna Piano guide you along that path? In … Continue reading